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“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time…”

Little Ben

Download Little Ben on the App Store

Download our beautifully designed quarter chime clock app for your iPhone & iPad. It even strikes on the hour in your pocket or from the background when the app is not running.

iPhone 6s settings screen for Little Ben

Make Little Ben do what you want…

Chime & Strike

Chime Settings


You can turn On / Off and set the level of the volume of the quarterly chimes, hourly strikes, and the ticking. You can also choose to have Little Ben only strike on the hour.

Chime & Strike



You can silence all quarterly chimes and hourly strikes for up to 12 hours. Background strikes will not sound during the hours the clock is set to be silent.

Chime & Strike

Background Chimes


Little Ben can also be set to strike hourly from the background while other apps are running. You will hear the hourly strikes while your are reading an iBook or while your phone is in your pocket.

Little Ben runs on both your iPad and iPhone…

Little Ben is a mechanical clock that chimes every quarter hour with the Westminster chime and also strikes on the hour for each hour. If you look closely you can even see the minute hand move as the pendulum and escapement make the clock tick.

Little Ben runs on your iPhone, iPod touch, and also your iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini.

Download Little Ben on the App Store

What’s new for Little Ben in iOS 9

With Slide Over in iOS 9 open a second app as Little Ben runs on your iPad. As Little Ben chimes quarterly and strikes hourly you can browse the web using Safari, check your Calendar, or discover what’s new on your Twitter Timeline and respond back to your followers.

With the Picture in Picture feature on your iPad in iOS 9 keep track of time as Little Ben can optionally chime quarterly and/or strike hourly as it runs behind a resizable video that you can watch and reposition to any corner of your screen.

Little Ben running while browsing and watching "The Martian"

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